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Dating in Los Angeles: Is My City Keeping Me Single or My Bad Taste in Men?

It has been two and a half years since I moved to Los Angeles and two years since my last boyfriend, whom I met in Napa and not Los Angeles, mind you.

It has also been two years that coworkers, neighbors and friends began to tell me that Los Angeles was the worst place to date and if I wanted a boyfriend, I would have to recruit them from somewhere other than LA. The conversation tends to go like this:

Them: “You can’t date in LA because there are always younger and hotter options for men here. They are all spoiled brats!”

I Know You Are But What Am I? A Look Into Dating and Religion

If you haven’t noticed it’s Christmas time. And while I LOVE Christmas for giving me the opportunity to celebrate the people I love by shopping for them, I understand that the holiday is divisive. Some people cannot stand Christmas– too materialistic, too stressful. Others do not celebrate Christmas because they are not Christian. Many just celebrate because of tradition and duty.

The Princess Disease: How To Know If You Or A Loved One is Afflicted

A common disease amongst Generation Y, the Princess Disease develops in the early childhood stages of females with notable symptoms appearing in the teenage years. However, the Princess Disease does not begin to negatively affect the patient until the mid twenties. Symptoms of the Princess Disease or “PD” include but are not limited to the  extreme need for attention, a love of stages/ elevated surfaces and the infliction of incredibly high standards on men.


Sufferers of Princess Disease frequently feel a sense of entitlement and expect constant rewards for what they deem “good” behavior, which others would classify as normal actions not worthy of rewarding.

Single During the Holiday Season: Surviving the Family

Holiday season is like the single girl’s version of “Man vs. Wild,” Bear Grylls braving the wilderness with his unique survival techniques. Our version of treacherous terrain? Family time.In the past, I have navigated a typical Thanksgiving with the following unsuccessful course:

I take a seat next to my grandma in the living room out of obligation because she looks incredibly bored. She has been concerned with my bachelor-esque lifestyle ever since I hit 18, so she seizes the opportunity to offer strange but sound relationship advice. My grandma reminds me of the ultimate test of lasting love– “Remember to ask yourself if you think you could live with him in a small cabin forever.” Clearly, I come from a long lineage of non-campers as a ‘small cabin’ is the closest place we can think of that resembles hell.

Breaking It Off: The Girl's Guide to Getting Rid of Him

Not too long ago, I was dating a guy that I met at bar in Venice Beach. He was incredibly funny, and really that was all that mattered. I was sold– this guy had potential.

Cut to Date Two, and I was contemplating throwing my heels onto the road and sprinting home. This guy was funny and that was it. He had no job and was enjoying the unemployment, he could have won the “Most Awkward Hand Placement Ever” award (when was the last time someone lightly cupped their hand on the edge of your shoulder?), and there was western detailing on his button up shirt.

Your Dating Homework Assignment: Recycle

Approximately once a week I go through my Blackberry Contacts to create a list of guys with dating potential as a reminder not to dwell on the one man who is the front-runner for my affections. This past Sunday as I made my list of potential boyfriends, I was reminded by a friend that I had mentioned a guy I wanted to set her up with.A few months ago I went out on a date with a guy who was certifiably a catch. Attractive, sweet, active, worked in finance and close with his family, he gladly paid for the meal and the conversation was easy. Sadly, I felt no “wee!!!” only a “meh” and we never went on a date #2.

In describing the date to my friends, I was berated for not being more into a seemingly perfect guy and always going for the Fred Dursts of the world.  In my defense, all I could say was, “I know he’s a good guy, he’s just not for me.”

Independent, Single and Okay With It? The Mid-20s+ Identity Crisis

I recently vacationed at my parents house for a week, partly because my budget strings are tied too tightly to allow for hotel charges, and partly to detox from the hustle and bustle that encompasses the city I live in, Los Angeles.

During my trip home, I pretended I was in a romantic comedy and nostalgically wandered the halls of my childhood home.  I quickly unearthed my beloved box of journals I have been filling with words since the age of nine and sat down to do some hardcore reading.


Dating Cheerleader