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Tamara Leigh
My greatest accomplishments are my 5 children (4 daughters, 1 son). After "College Interrupted" for a couple of decades, I completed a BA in Communications in 2009 while single-parenting & working full-time. Recently, I returned to the U.S. after a semester in Germany where I had the opportunity to teach English and my daughters and I travelled Europe, visiting France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy & UK. In addition to blogging, I'm a J.Hilburn Menswear Stylist (, Scriptwriter with The Casting Call Show ( and Co-Host of "Trend On" Link Local Radio Show (

Fashion, Attitude, and Confidence: What You Wear Says a Lot About You

Long before I became a Style Consultant for J.Hilburn, Custom Luxury Menswear, I’ve been asked fashion advice or have often receive compliments on my outfits when I’m out and about  (which actually is a bit humorous because I’m very resourceful when it comes to clothing).  I’ve always loved clothes and style as an artistic expression and outlet for creative energy.  There are more knowledgeable and professional fashionistas than I, but I’m usually confident that when I put a “look” together, I wear it well.

My “Unforgivable” Online Dating Mistake

Valentine’s Day last week felt like the Superbowl day the week before — I just wanted them both over.  Nobody likes a Packer party like the Cheeseheads– so to have the dream dashed at the NY Giants vs. Green Bay playoffs, the Superbowl felt a lot like having the groom not show up for the wedding.  This year’s Superbowl came and went and I (along with every other Wisconsin sports fan) had already moved on to think Spring and the Brewers 2012 home opener.

Then Valentine’s Day rolled around.

Making Your Vision Happen With Action

Seeing what you want and making your vision a reality is not just a good idea or a philosophy–it’s action.  It is the work, effort, and process of doing what it takes to build the Vision.  Your Vision.

If I lost you at Golf  last week, thanks for coming back.  I won’t use any more sports analogies, for now anyway.  I hope my last post got you thinking as to what you want to see happen in your life by 2013 and beyond in both the Big picture and in the small areas.

Forget Resolutions– How to Formulate a New Year’s *Vision* for the Future

What’s your vision for 2013?

No, that’s not a typo– I didn’t mean 2012. I mean 2013. Where or what will be true of your life in less than 12 months from now when the flip of the calendar goes from 2012 to 2013?

Barely into the New Year, 2012 resolutions are new and hopefully not yet broken. At the beginning of the year, we look ahead, make plans, but primarily our focus is on the footsteps in front of us.

Instead, I envision 2013. Clear in my head, it’s a picture of the end result of a work in process.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight Not Just For New Year’s, But Forever (at least how I do it…)

Weight. What’s a girl to do with the Christmas/New Year’s double-whammy of wanting to look your best, but being bombarded by all the festive foods, sweet treats, and not-the-norm eating and drinking that quickly adds unwanted pounds?!

The holidays definitely have a way of sabotaging the diet! The frustrating dilemma of “what to wear” or more likely, “what will fit” can easily take away the merriment for many women. Certainly, there are those women, the body confident, for whom the holidays are a delightful series of events to showcase a great figure and fashionable wardrobe, but for the former group, I write this in hopes that you’ll be encouraged as the New Year rings in perhaps a few weighty resolutions.

Finding Joy In Loss: The Story of My Stillbirth Baby

In the silent stillness of the night with the soft glow of Christmas lights and the glimmer of ornaments on the tree, I sat on the love seat waiting.  Waiting for movement. Each minute seemed an eternity.  The longer I waited, the more sure I was that there were now two lifeless bodies in my womb.

Two months prior, in amazingly wonderful shock, we discovered I was pregnant with twins–we already had two daughters ages 4 and 2.   The expected babies would make daughters 3 and 4, but a few weeks before this night, when I went for my routine prenatal ultrasound visit with the multiple-birth specialist in Northridge, California, the appointment quickly changed from an exuberant revelation of the sex of the babies, to a heartbreaking ordeal of learning that one of the twin girls had died.