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12 Small Changes for a Happier, Healthier Life

Life is one big classroom. I learn something new everyday and something from everyone I meet. These are guidelines that I try to incorporate into my life everyday, as difficult as it may be sometimes.

  1. Give compliments more often, but be genuine. Being able to compliment someone else will not only put a smile on someone else’s face, but it will also show how secure you are with yourself. But the key is being real, because people can see right past fake compliments.

5 Things I’m Looking For in a Mate (After Getting to Know Myself First)

My boyfriend of 3 years paid me a wonderful compliment the other day. He told me that he has always appreciated my level of self-awareness. He said the fact that I know what I can offer another person and what exactly I want from a partner has pushed him to do some introspection himself and prioritize the traits that he deems important.

It’s Who You Know: 4 Tips On How to Network Your Way Into A Powerful Career

I currently work as a journalist and the Director of Marketing & Communications for a luxury travel and lifestyle magazine called Travel Time. I got involved with the magazine because of one reason: contacts.

The magazine is based in Santiago, Chile, so there is no way I would have heard of it or had the opportunity to work with such a revolutionary publication if it wasn’t for networking. A Chilean friend of mine, AZ, whom I had met in India while we were both working for the same company, was serving as the Editor-in-Chief at the time when she asked me to write an article about Uganda, after I had returned from my trip.