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Octavia Gilmore
I wear many hats in my physical life. I'm a Human Resources Professional, Interior Decor blogger, full-time mom and pursuing my credentials in Psychology. My life experiences have allowed me to share positive advice and offer healing words to family, friends, co-workers, as well as passersby. My purpose and passion is to continue being a positive influence by offering kindness and guidance to women who are in they eye of a storm or have lost their way towards living their best life.

A Multi-Faceted Definition of Love

Love. What is love?

The four letter word that tugs at our heartstrings and makes us dance with happiness and joy. What is love? The feeling that overwhelms us and causes harsh reactions when faced with adversity. What is love? The overpowering wave of emotion which ignites a smile as warm as the rising of the summer sun. What is love?  The painful feeling of being left behind without ample notice. What is love? The fresh smell of flowers that illuminates our senses and opens our hearts to give freely. What is love? A thunderstorm of tears that cascade down our cheekbones when the end is near. What is love? It wakes us up in the morning with the strength and endurance to live another day. What is love?  The sweet caress of raindrops on our lips which entices us for more. What is love? The hope and probability we will love again. What is love? The pounding of drums within our hearts that creates a melodic rhythm. What is love? The trembling force of a volcano ready to explode. What is love? Love is giving without expectation of receiving in return. What is love?

Ways to Give Back and Help Others During the Holidays

The holidays are absolutely my most favorite time of the year!

I get to spend time with my family, friends, and we just simply enjoy one another.We engage in the exchanging of gifts, visit each others homes and spent time being thankful and grateful for what we have, as well as, what we don’t have.

But I can’t help to think of those who are less fortunate and struggle with life’s most simple pleasures, that so many of us take for granted; such as a warm home to go to, a hot meal to eat, or clothing to protect their flesh from the winter cold. Being grateful is more than just saying that you are, it’s about proving that you are!

4 Ways to Heal Your Heart and Learn to Let Go of Pain From the Past

We have all endured disappointments and hurt from relationships with friends, family, co-workers as well as within our marriages and affairs of the heart. But the daunting questions that we should ask ourselves are: do we continue to let these past hurts determine how we interact with others in future relationships? Must we continuously refrain from giving ourselves wholeheartedly for fearing the past will repeat itself?

It is quite a challenging task to forgive someone for hurting us, and most would believe it’s easier said than done, but true healing starts with us first.