Keep It Moving: There Are No Setbacks, Just Milestones

23 years old. College graduate. Barista at a coffee shop.

Do these three things go together? In my case, at the moment, they do. A younger version of me would have never imagined I would graduate college at 22 years old and have no prospects for employment. I also never thought I would take a year to decide what I really wanted to do with my career life, and even now I sometimes debate with myself about what that life looks like.

Yes, I have done amazing things in my life, but now I am trying to establish a career. So here I am, starting to pursue what I love. It was three years ago I chose writing as my topic of study; a year and a half ago I graduated university with my Bachelor’s in Creative Writing; and about one week ago I decided to start my efforts on becoming a writer. My aim now, work hard and try to acquire more knowledge than my competition– ie., everyone else.

I’ve found that it is so easy to become discouraged because the first time you tried something it didn’t quite work out. Ask anyone how easy it was to succeed right away when they were first beginning their journey toward their dreams. I bet they will say they failed at least once, or maybe that it took them much longer to reach their destination than they had planned. While both scenarios seem like “setbacks,” I say: Setback, schmetback. The setback is just part of the journey and a necessary part of the learning curve.

So with every hindrance that comes your way, simply smile, take it like a woman, and just keep going. That is what I am doing.

So what, today I had to ask someone what type of latte they would like, big deal. At least I work somewhere, and someday soon, I will work where I want. Because there will come a day when I will not be asking about coffee, I will be writing for more than just fun. Whatever you want to accomplish, even if you are behind on the plan, just keep going. If you are always moving you cannot be stopped.

You are the little engine that could… choo choo.

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Chelsea Martin
I was born in New York, but have spent most of my life as a Florida girl. Nothing but sunshine and summertime for 9 months a year. My southern friends won't let me forget that I was born a Yankee, but I like to think of it as a blessing. Sometime soon though, new opportunity will lead me to a new state which will become my playground. I am young and enthusiastically married. I love to write (, edit, cook, bake, and speak Italian among many other things. Right now my goal in life...get to my goal!